We have put together the Farset Winter Blend inspired by the flavours that we all love at this festive time of year.


Using our industrial heritage we felt that we had to call it after the Farset River, which is symbolic to Belfast and its industrialisation. The river passes within 100 metres of our roastery and is linked heavily with the area.


We have brought together the flavours of the Americas and Africa. Our base is Brazilian Cerrado,from the Minas Gerais region. This brings a rich creamy mouthfeel of milk chocolate and caramel sweetness. Added to this is Guatemala Quiche, adding citrus tones and stoned fruit flavours. We finished off with Ethiopian Sidamo, giving hints of vanilla and spice, as well as balancing the overall acidity.


We wanted a coffee that is versatile across all formats of brewing, that works with or without milk.


Compliments of the season. 






Farset Winter Blend