At FECCEG we are 1350 partners and 350 members from 6 departments in Guatemala. FECCEG supports community organization processes, promotes gender equity processes and promotes organic agriculture and coffee plantation renewal so that partners achieve a good level of production and quality.
Partners are motivated to continue running their coffee plantations as we have paid differentiated prices compared to those on the conventional market.
FECCEG has an agronomic research area to test organic inputs and validate techniques that achieve better results in productivity and quality.
We have a compost plant and deliver to compost partners that improve soil fertility and coffee crops.
FECCEG encourages diversification with goats, fruits and vegetables so that partners have organic food and other products to be marketed in the local market.
FECCEG has the KISHÉ brand for the local market.

350 female associates receive technical assistance for the management of their organic coffee crops with the protocols of 7 certification seals and 55 of them have received support for the management of individual and collective coffee nurseries using the technologies like biofactories for production of organic inputs and oxygenators that accelerate the biochemistry of the inputs. They were also trained in grafting techniques.

These women have also participated in training and awareness processes on gender issues such as equity and specific rights, care economy, resource management and others. The sale of the special coffee crop has contributed to the financial autonomy of women. With these resources, the living conditions of their families have improved and opportunities have been opened to be part of decision-making spaces in their communities.


This versatile coffee will work as both filter and espresso, with a round body providing mild apple acidity, citrus tones and caramel.


Region:                  Quetzaltenango

Variety:                 Caturra, Catuai rojo, Bourbon rojo

Altitude:                1400-2000 masl

Processing:          Fully Washed






Guatemala Quiche FECCEG