La Bastilla farm is situated approximately 20 kilometres away from Jinotega, and is adjacent to the Datanli el Diablo nature reserve, which is an important biological reserve in the Jinotega area. 

The farm’s height above sea level varies between 1,050 and 1,450 meters. The farm has a small river which runs from West to East joining the Jigüina River, and the Apanás Lake in the East.

La Bastilla farm covers 311 hectares, of which 155 hectares are currently dedicated to the production of coffee, with the potential of 170 hectares being used in this way. 

The remaining areas are mostly primary forests and administrative areas, in addition to a general agricultural area used by La Bastilla Agricultural Technical School.  

La Bastilla coffee is a result of what nature gives us and the love for the craft we put in day in and day out. The farm is characterised by it’s micro climates, its shade trees and its volcanic soil. In the end we obtain very special coffee qualities, and we describe the coffee profiles as very balanced and sweet, with good acidity, body and complex aromas. 

La Bastilla Farm has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance since 2003 and has a continuous programme of improvement.

Specially selected small lots harvested during the middle of the crop are being dried with the mucilage or honey still attached at the parchment skins. These lots "Miel de La Bastilla" for its underlying honey sweetness.

The beans are veritably saturated with fruit sugars to produce a challenging and exciting cup. In the cup this coffee  tastes of chocolate orange and sugar cane


Region:                  Jinotega

Variety:                 Caturra, Red& Yellow Catuai

Altitude:                1250-1450 masl

Processing:          Washed



Nicaragua La Bastilla Miel